Reuse your UnitTests and make them more powerfull…

A product integrated in the eclipse ide.

Seperate your test data from java code

The business app tester allows you to reuse JUnit test classes by seperating the data from the unit implementation class and injects the “input and expected output” (like customers, items, quantities, prices,…) directly into the test class at runtime.

Allow your operating departments to prepare tests

Since the information to run a test do not depend on java code anymore, the preparation of test data definitions can be delegated to a more specialized level. For instance to the level of operating departments. Of course, a developer has to prepare the test case, but all further steps can be done directly by operating departments. This approach allows a complete new way to handle unit tests for business applications.

Document your tests

The business app tester allows you to add websites and documents to a test class. And you can add them also to your test data definitions. In future you will have completely documented test cases which can be accessed from a very central application -> The business app tester.

Query your tests

The required information to run a test is stored in an emf repository, which allows you to query your prepared tests and used data.

Detailed information

For detailed information, follow the “detailed information site”. We are providing screenshots and a movie which describes the business app tester in detail.

The business app tester is a product based on EMF, redView, Xtext, JUnit and will be published under the Eclipse Public License.